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DiverseFit, Gorey, Co. Wexford

We are now open for our Summer camp 2017 bookings. This camp will take place 3-7th July 2017 from 10-1pm daily. This is a fantastic way to introduce your children to a world of performing arts while building their confidence. We cover many activities througout the week including, singing, acting, dance, art, gymanstics and lots of fun games. Please contact us on 0873662055/0863088984 to book 

Performing Arts School to promote and build confidence in children aged 3 years to 12 years old. Drama games, Improvisation and plays, Zumba dance, Singing.

News from the Summer 2016....

We had a very exciting summer at our Summer camps in July and August. Over 110 children came through our doors and we loved very minute with them. We can't wait to start our new Term Sep 7th in Gorey....... call 0873662055/0863088984

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DiverseFit, Gorey, Co. Wexford

Telephone: 087 366 2055




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Who knew as a 38 year old mum of two, that Kettlebells could change my life so much! In 5 months since starting Shelley's class I've lost over 2 stone and have lost those dreaded "bingo" wings I thought I was destined to have forever as I hurtle towards middle age! - Livia Cullen


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