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The Club triathlon today of Racing795 May 22nd Carlow

Published on 22nd May 2016 at 19:49 by Admin

So did my first official Triathlon of the season today and loved it! It took place in Carlow and was organised by the Racing795 club. It was such an incredible event and I enjoyed every minute of the push! I had only 3 weeks to get ready for it so I didn't do aswell as I would of liked but had a good time of 1.33. I hope to kill this in the next one and will definitely aim for a quicker time.

The swim opened up with 750m of the Barrow river and it was freezinf. 12 degrees! a cold start but we couldn't of asked for better weather as we jumped out of the water and headed for our bikes. Uphill for the first 10k out to Kileshan in Carlow then as we turned it was a downhill sprint back to the bike stands and straight into the 5k run. I normally run this alot faster but today I was 4 mins slower. I haven't got back into my stride since I returned from my Mount Everest climb but I am getting there slowly again. It has been a hard transition training for a Mountain climb back to Triathlon training! 

I can't wait for my next Triathlon.......

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