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New Morning Class- REShape'N'Tone

Published on 22nd Jan 2013 at 14:00 by Admin

REShape'N'Tone - Tuesday 9.30pmDue to a huge demand for morning classes, Diversefit is excited to introduce a brand new REShape'N'Tone ( Tums | Legs | Bums) class. Aimed at anyone who is looking to shape up, this class is a  mix between Cardio and Toning workout and is designed to suit ideally for mums and their busy lifestyle. We will concentrate on the three key areas- your abs, legs and glutes to get you back in shape! 

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DiverseFit, Gorey, Co. Wexford

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I exercise to keep myself fit but I could never have said it was something I enjoyed. In fact I would have said it was quite a chore - until I had my first class with Shelley that is! She makes the classes so much fun, no two classes are ever the same and now I'm so disappointed if I have to miss one! - Carmel


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