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Curracloe (Raven Run) October 2015

Published on 15th Nov 2015 at 21:50 by Admin

Another incredible day runining in the VERY beautiful Curracloe Woods and Beach. I was deligeted to come in 2nd to an amazing runner. I pushed myself hard and really enjoyed the view as I ran through the woods and back up the beach which was a TRUE killer on my legs. Once the legs got tired I had to concentrate on using my arms to keep pushing myself and moving myself forward!

I did a great time of 47 mins which I was really happy with as it wasn't a straight road run but mainly through woods and then a hard push back up along the beach to the finish line which was a short struggle up a steep hill down to the finish line.  My brother Martin took Gold in the men's which was nice to take a Gold and Silver home for the Team Askins family :) 

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